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Equiped with professional Military Uniform factory,HengtaiBoyu is one of the leading China Military Uniform,Military Boot,Military Pullover,Military Raincoat,Bulletproof Helmet,Police Security Equipment,Military Backpack,Army Outdoor products manufacturers.Welcome to wholesale cheap products from us. HengtaiBoyu had been producing and exporting Army and Police supplies to many countries with good reputation, coverning, Military Uniform, Military Boot, Military Pullover,Bulletproof Helmet, Bulletproof Vest,Tactical Vest, Anti-riot suits, Military Raincoat,Army Poncho, Military Backpack, Sleeping bag, etc. Especially, we invested to the plants of Military Uniform, Military Boot and Bulletproof helmet, so, we can get better quality, prices and faster delivery than our competitors. With these advantages and our rich experience in these industries, we had established stable and long-term co-operation relationship with many customers from Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA, Latin America, etc. Such as UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ghana,Sudan, Kenya, Gambia, Lybia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Lesotho, Ethiopia, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Swiss, Romania, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, etc. With our business development, in order to satisfy more customers, in recent years, we successfully helped our customers to source Fire products, Afff 1%, 3%, 6% Foam Compound Estinguishing agent, Auto Parts, etc. We also Worked up a Carpet Factory. With our flexible business way, we can meet more customers? target in more industries. Welcome your inquiry, give us your belief, we return you satisfactory. Tianjin HengtaiBoyu Int?l Trading Co., Ltd. Add.:Pilot Free Trade Zone, Tianjin, 300308, China Contact: Mr. Frank Zhu Skype: militaryuniform Tel&WhatsApp: 8613302019738 E-mail:frank@hengtai-boyu.com frank@cn-armysupplier.com http://www.hengtai-boyu.com http://www.cn-armysupplier.com
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Military Uniform,Battle Dress Uniform,BDU,ACU,M65 Jacket,Field Cambat Jacket,Military Wool Overcoat,Army Greatcoat, Military Boot,DMS Boot, Desert Boot, Canvas boot, Jungle Boot, Combat Boot,Military Pullover,Army Sweater, Military Raincoat,Army Poncho, Bulletproof helmet,Bulletproof Vest,Anti-riot suits,Tactical Vest,Police Security Equipment, Military Backpack,Army Alicebag, Rucksack,Military Sleeping bag, Hydration Bladder, Goggle,Military Beret,Military Blanket,China, Manufacturers,factory, wholesale, cheap
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